IST AG offers a wide range of sensors based on different technologies suitable for any application. Our RTD platinum temperature sensors are extremely robust, highly accurate and low drift. Our nickel sensor components offer excellent long-term stability and are easily replaceable. Our TSic solid-state temperature sensors are calibrated with an integrated signal converter for analog or digital output - accurate, reliable and easy to integrate.

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Webinar Thin film RTDs
Webinar IST AG - Thin-film RTD Temperature Sensors: Operations, Customization and Standards

Understand the different types of temperature sensors in the market and compare NTC thermistors and thermocouples with semiconductors and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). Learn the primary working principles and benefits of thin-film RTDs. Explore TCRs, response times, self-heating and more. Learn more about tolerance curves and review the IEC 60751 RTD tolerance standards.

Temperature Sensors with directly welded wires
Temperature sensors with directly welded wires

Learn more about your options for wiring on your temperature sensor. Whether brazed, welded, crimped or soldered, with insulation tubes or sleeves, PTFE insulated, 10 mm or 2 meters long -  2-, 3- or 4- wire constructions, we offer a large range of wiring solutions to equip your application with the fitting sensor and wire.

Temperature Sensors - fast response time
Temperature sensors with extra fast response time

Why temperature sensors with metalized backsides can speed up the response time. Learn more about Temperature Sensors from Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG.



IST AG platinum RTD temperature sensors are developed with the highest quality materials and cover a wide operating temperature range of -200 °C to +1000 °C. Their extremely robust construction makes the sensors function well in the harshest conditions while experiencing minimal drift. IST AG platinum RTDs have a high long-term stability and come in a variety of small dimensions and in various housings. IST AG platinum temperature sensors are available with a standard TCR of 3850 ppm/K and with accuracies according to the IEC 60751 norm.

With a temperature sensor portfolio thousands of products, we offer one of the widest ranges of Pt temperature sensors available - within very short delivery times! While many of our standard sensors are available from stock – the delivery time for special inquiries is approx. 6 weeks.

Platinum temperature RTD
Platinum temperature sensors

Customize your RTD platinum sensor to fit your application-specific requirements in terms of specified TCR values, nominal resistance, dimensions, housings and lead wires amongst other variables.

small sensor
The thinnest wired temperature sensor you have ever seen!

The world's smallest wired temperature sensor with extremely fast response time has a width of only half a millimeter and fits into tiny spaces with a diameter of 0.8 mm. 

With a round ceramic housing it has a diameter of 1.2 mm and is 10 mm lon.


ESD optimized temperature sensors

To avoid the costly consequence caused by ESD, IST AG is committed to continued optimization and development of ESD-optimized temperature sensors to strengthen the stability of our customers’ assembled systems. 

With optimized design and new process technology we offer platinum temperature sensors with outstanding ESD resistance. The designs have been tested according to European Union Standards, the IEC/EN61000-4-2. 

Thanks to a state-of-the art in-house ESD laboratory, we are able to test all our sensors internally according to international standards.

Nickel Temperature Sensors

Nickel Temperature Sensors

Our nickel RTD temperature sensors come with an operating temperature range of -60 °C to +300 °C. They are characterized by a simple linearization and a steep characteristic curve. Suitable for e.g., HVAC applications, nickel RTD sensors offer an excellent long-term stability and easy interchangeability. IST AG’s nickel temperature sensors are available with various TCRs such as 6180 ppm/K (Nickel ND), 5000 ppm/K (Nickel NL), 6370 ppm/K (Nickel NJ), 6720 ppm/K (Nickel NA) and Balco.

Nickel temperature sensors are used in:

Nickel temperature sensor
Nickel Temperature Sensors

Customize your RTD nickel sensor to fit your application-specific requirements in terms of specified TCR values, nominal resistance, dimensions, housings and lead wires amongst other variables.

Read more about Nickel Temperature Sensors

Semiconductor temperature sensors TSic

Semiconductor temperature sensors TSic

TSic sensors are semiconductor temperature sensors that feature highly accurate measurements within a limited temperature range. Thanks to their low power consumption, they are ideal for mobile applications.

TSic sensors are used in:

TSic temperature sensor SOP-8

The TSic is offered as a calibrated temperature sensor with an integrated signal converter for analog or digital output. Easily integrable, it offers excellent accuracy with long-term stability.

Learn more about our semiconductor temperature sensors TSic.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance

As an ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (environment) certified company, our processes are designed around our customer’s needs. Our highly trained and empowered employees as well as our quality management system form the foundation and essential framework for establishing standards, communicating them, and consistently integrating them into daily work.