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To measure is to know.
If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

Lord Kelvin

Sensor Portfolio


Our product portfolio consists of thin and thick film platinum and nickel RTD temperature sensors, thermal mass flow sensors and modules, capacitive humidity sensors, customizable humidity modules, conductivity sensors and biosensors. Our sensors are characterized by their accuracy and consistency under various measurement conditions.

IST AG Temperature Sensors Product Group


Active and passive temperature sensors with a wide measuring range, excellent long-term stability and high accuracy are available as standard elements and customized solutions.

Product group flow sensors


Thermal gas flow and liquid flow sensors and - modules boast a large dynamic range, high sensitivity and excellent long-term stability.

Product Group Humidity Sensors


Capacitive humidity measurement with excellent accuracy and high chemical resistance available as adaptable humidity modules and humidity elements.

Product group conductivity sensors


Conductivity measurement with high chemical resistance and optional integrated temperature sensor for optimum accuracy.

Product group biosensors


Multiparametric measurement (glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate) with excellent long-term stability for continuous monitoring or analyzer mode.

Other products


Micro-heaters based on thickfilm- or thinfilm-technology complete IST AG's in-house production capabilities.

With our German daughter companies IST Innuscreen in Berlin and Infrasolid in Dresden we have expanded our product portfolio with solutions for nucleic acid extraction and IR-emitters respectively.

Product group microheaters


Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

Tailor-made for targeted heating of small to very small areas and for devices that require a small, precise heat source.

DNA & RNA Extraction kits

Nucleic Acid Extration

IST Innuscreen GmbH

Ready-to use DNA & RNA extraction kits for various technologies or platforms for manual automated extraction.

Thermal Infrared emitters

Thermal infrared emitters

Infrasolid GmbH

Heat sources for gas analysis, material detection & spectroscopy, in (hermetic) TO-housing or as minitiaturized SMD.

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