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Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG's physical and chemical sensors and biosensors can be found in a wide variety of applications over a vast range of industries. Here are a few examples

Sensors for Automotive

Automotive & transportation

From emission management to transport temperature control.

Sensors for E-mobility

E-mobility & Fuel Cell

From charging plugs to electric power trains, from coolant leakage detection to CGH2.

Sensors for Space

Space & Aerospace

About ESCC qualified HiRel sensors for outer space and aerospace.

Sensors for telecommunication

Optics & Laser, 5G, Telecommunication

About miniaturized bondable RTDs for DIE package integrations and thermal transfer and management.

Sensors for IoT


About monitoring industrial drying, gas sensing, energy management or water purification.

Sensors for renewable engery

Renewable Energy

From hydroelectricity ofer solar and wind power to bioenergy - IST sensors support them all.

Sensors for Bioprocessing


How IST sensors are used in invitro-cell growing as well as upstream and downstream bioprocessing.

Sensors for ventilation

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Humidity, gas flowm mass flow or temperature sensing - a solution for any HVAC application.

Sensors for Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Respitory rate and RHMS monitors, critical care treatment, anaesthesia gas blenders and many more devices contain our reliable sensors.

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