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Founded in 2005 under the name of AJ Innuscreen as a spin-off of Analytik Jena, IST Innuscreen is a life science company based in Berlin. The company was acquired by IST AG in 2020 and is ISO EN13485 certified. IST Innuscreen owns a broad product portfolio for nuleic acid isolation and molecular diagnostics.


Spin filter-based DC-technology

Spin filter-based DC-Technology

Manual extraction

Our well-established nucleic acid extraction is the patented Dual-Chemistry (DC)- Technology. At the heart of DC-Technology is the highly efficient binding of DNA to solid phases without a high salt concentration. Instead, a combination of chaotropic and non-chaotropic salts with low ionic strength is used, enabling the development of optimized lysis and new binding buffers.

Magnetic particle-based extraction

Magnetic particle-based extraction

For various extraction automats

DC-Technology is also suitable for well established magnetic particle separation, with the same outstanding advantages described for spin filter nucleic acid extraction. A variety of different NA extraction kits are available for the InnuPure C16 touch, CyBio FeliX and King Fisher® devices.

Smart extraction

Smart extraction

For maximum process automation

SmartExtraction significantly accelerate and simplifies the entire extraction procedure. It is designed to be platform independent and can be used and adapted for any liquid handling system. This method has a minimal risk of shearing the DNA. The extraction of high molecular weight DNA completely eliminates the need for centrifugation or vortexing. Therefor fragments of up to 500 kbp can be isolated.

PME - Polymer-mediated enrichment

PME - Polymer-mediated enrichment

For free-circulating DNA and RNA enrichment and extraction

This new and innovative technology is a unique patented method for free-circulating DNA or RNA in elevated sample volumes or complex matrices. It works with up to 10 mL of starting material and uses an easy-to handle and time saving procedure, suitable for manual or spin filter-based extraction and automated routines.

Extraction methods and analysis


Below are a few examples of IST Innuscreen's expansive portfolio.

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

DNA & RNA extraction

We supply ready-to-use kits for molecular diagnostics and for your preferred nucleic acid extraction technology. 

Lysis RNA extraction

Extraction kits for genomic DNA

Sophisticated tool-optimized specifically for isolating genomic DNA from tiny samples and from highly contaminated forensic specimens. Extraction has been successfully tested for a multitude of starting materials, such as blood, traces of blood, hair, hair roots, beard stubble, finger nails, postage stamps, cigarette butts, chewing gum, traces of sperm, swab samples and finger prints on a variety of surfaces. 


Isolation of bacterial DNA

Using the innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit-IPC16 allows researchers to isolate bacterial DNA both from bacterial cultures (gram+ and gram-) and from tissue samples. The corresponding extraction routine takes place on the InnuPure C16 touch automation system. Following external lysis, the sample is transferred to pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips/Plates. The subsequent processes of binding the nucleic acid to magnetic particles, washing and final elution are fully automated. The option of initially lysing the cell walls with lysozyme, especially if working with gram+ bacteria, is recommended. Yields and purity of the isolated bacterial DNA are excellent.


Veterinary diagnostics on KFFLX

The processing of diverse starting materials with only one universal extraction kit offers enormous flexibility and is of special interest in veterinary diagnostics. The innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit – KFFLX is optimized for the automated extraction of pathogen DNA and RNA using the KingFisher FLEX system (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and can handle most kinds of starting material: cell-free body fluids such as serum and plasma, whole blood, nasopharyngeal swabs, tissue and fecal samples. Up to 96 samples can be purified simultanously within 60 min. Thanks to the innovative extraction chemistry developed and patented by IST Innuscreen, nucleic acid binding to magnetic particles happens in presence of low salt concentrations and the extraction process results in best yields of pure DNA/RNA.

Nucleic acids finally eluted into the 96-well plate are ready to use for following downstream application such as real-time PCR. The included Carrier Mix composed of Carrier RNA, Internal Control DNA (IC DNA) and RNA (IC RNA) serves as extraction control.

Automated Extraction CyBio FeliX - Magnet particle based

Magnetic particle based extraction of genomic plant DNA on CyBio FeliX

Using the innuPREP Plant DNA Kit-FX, it is possible to isolate highly pure genomic DNA from various plant materials. After efficient homogenization using SpeedMill PLUS or another homogenizer, or using a mortar and liquid nitrogen, the plant material is lysed and both proteins and polysaccharides are effectively removed in a precipitation step. The lysate is filtered and then transferred to the plates, which are already self-filled or filled using CyBio FeliX. Using magnetic particle separation, nucleic acid extraction is automated on the CyBio FeliX. The final eluate is highly pure, free of magnetic particles and can therefore be used directly in subsequent applications, e.g. qPCR. The kit has already been successfully tested on leaves and herbs, corn, cornmeal and seeds.

Molecular diagnostics


For the differentiation of Legionella pneumophila, or the identification of undeclared ingredients of animal origin, or fast and sensitive method for the identification of microorganisms in food samples our molecular diagnostics learn more about our assays.







Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

IST Innuscreen is a life science company who develops and produces kit for nucleic acid isolation and molecular diagnostics. IST Innuscreen's business fields base on a variety of unique technology platforms for isolation and purification of nucleic acids, extraction of high molecular weight DNA for NGS-applications as well as the enrichment of biomolecules, such as DNA and RNA, viruses or subcellular particles.

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