OOL (out-of-liquid) anemometric flow sensor for liquids

Thermal flow sensor suitable for various liquids (incl. water, oil, coolants, lubricants, cleaning solutions)

Product Name
Measured medium
Liquid Flow
Flow direction
One direction (anemometric)
Operating temperature range
-50 °C to + 180 °C
Housing dimensions
40 x 4 (3.7) mm L x o.D. (i.D)
Connection type
suitable for tube connections or welding (up to 70 bar)
Wire dimensions
AWG30/19,50 mm
Flow range CTA mode
0 ml/min to 3000 ml/min (4 m/s)
Response time t63
~ 0.5 s

Product details

Benefits & Charactericstics Out of Liquid

Thermal mass flow sensor optimal for flow applications in aggressive fluids

▪ Suitable for aggressive liquids

▪ High chemical resistance

▪ No contact between sensor and liquid

▪ Simple flow switches possible


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