SFS Module 1000 sccm

Thermal mass flow module with linearized digital / analog output

Fast and compact flow module, suitable for gas dosing systems, manifolds and analyzers. Easy to integrate with compact design, factory calibration and pins for HW address setting

Fluidic interface compatible with mass flow meter OEM (Axetris MFM 2020, MFM, 2021, MFM 2xxx)


This bidirectional mass flow meter module is also available in lower flow rate ranges:


Product Name
Operating flow range
+/-1000sccm (ml/min)
Measured medium
Gas Flow
Operating temperature range
0 to 80 °C
Housing dimensions
48 x 34 x 14.5 mm
Housing material
Aluminium, FR4
Fluidic connection
Ø 2.2 mm i.D. flat gasket
Connection type
PCB connector JST SM08B-SRSS-TB
Response time t63
20 ms
30 g
Supply voltage
5V DC +/-5%
Output signal
I2C or 0 to 1 V
2% f.s. (digital output)
0.2 % f.s.

Product details

Benefits & Characteristics of the SFS01

  • Very fast response time <5 ms
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Easy system integration including temperature compensation

Customer-specific sensor available upon request.

Product description SFS01

The SFS is IST AG's first flow sensor based on silicon technology. It is operated according to the calorimetric principle and can therefore detect not only the flow velocity but also the flow direction.

The symmetrical design of the SFS flow sensor allows an easy interpretation and evaluation of the measurement signal. The sensor can be used in different gases. It is characterized by a high sensitivity, a very fast response time and an extremely low energy consumption.

Well-adapted channel geometries allow the performance of the sensor to be optimally aligned to the desired application. The SFS01 flow sensor is ideally suited for space-limited applications, but can also be easily upgraded to complete ready-to-use systems.

Suitable application areas for the SFS01 flow sensor are flow measurements in battery-operated / portable devices, air conditioning technology (HVAC), automation technology as well as process and control engineering.


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