Breakout Board BOB 0.4 for HISsmd series

Breakout board for a quick evalution of HISsmd series IR emitters

The Breakout Board transfers the SMD footprint to 2.54 mm headers and can be ordered as single component (without IR emitter) or assembled with an IR emitter of the HISsmd series.

Product Name
BOB 0.4
Product type
Breakout Board

Product details


For an easy evaluation and optimal implementation of our infrared emitters in different applications we offer an extensive range of Breakout Boards (BOB) and Driver Circuit Boards (DCB). The Breakout Board transfers the SMD footprint to 2.54 mm headers which allows an easy electrical contacting. All Driver Circuit Boards support a quick evaluation. They are small and use a low-cost driving circuit with a maximum stability close to a power regulated mode. Only a supply voltage and a pulse signal have to be applied.

HISsmd series

Miniaturized infrared sources in SMD housing

HISsmd series emitters are small, powerful infrared radiation sources that meet the demands for reliable miniaturized gas sensors and offer a wide range of new application scenarios. The low energy consumption, the high efficiency and the small size allow its use in portable, battery-powered, and mobile applicationsThe pioneering SMD package enables a fully automated production in high-volume markets.

Key features HISsmd series

  • Pulsable thermal infrared source mounted in an industry standard (3x3) mm² SMD package
  • Patented nanostructured radiating element generates black-body spectrum
  • Wide wavelength range enables a broad range of applications
  • Highest optical output power of up to 40 mW            
  • Hermetically sealed, high-quality filter windows guarantee long-term stable operation and high lifetime
  • SMD package allows fully automatic assembly in high-volume series