Biosensor IV4 for Lactate measurement

Flexible strip-type biosensor for dip-in applications

Flexible strip-type biosensor, optimal for dip-in applications. Designed for the detection of one single analyte (lactate as standard). Ideal for applications that require in-line continuous measurement with high reliability.



Note: Not for medical, diagnostics and use on humans. For evaluation use only. For more information contact IST AG.

Product Name
Sensor dimensions
10.0 x 4.0 x 0.4 mm (H with flow cell: 1.23 mm)
Construction type
strip-type with 4 electrodes: : 1x glucose, 1x blank, 1x reference, 1x counter
Working electrode
Platinum covered with enzyme membrane
Blank electrode
For background compensation
Reference electrode
Silver / silver chloride
Counter electrode
Glucose measurement range
0.05 mM to 25 mM / 0.01 to 4.5 g/l
not compatible
Shelf life
>6 months (at recommended storage conditions)
Operational life time
> 4 weeks in analyzer mode

Product details

Benefits & Characteristics of the IV4 biosensor

Further advantages of the IV4 biosensor include:

  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Long shelf life
  • Gamma and beta sterilization compatible
  • Fast response time and outstanding reliability
  • Reference, counter and blank electrodes on-chip

Given its compatibility with gamma radiation, the IV4 sensor can be used for example in bioreactors or aseptic media.


Evaluation product for professionals to be used solely for research and development purposes! Not for medical and diagnostic use. Not to be used on humans. For more information contact IST AG.


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