Infrasolid is a member of the IST family and is a developer and manufacturer of thermal infrared emitters. Infrasolid's Thermal IR emitters have less cost of ownership thanks to their high stability and less frequent need for re-calibration. Their high efficiency with the unique emitter set-up generate up to 9 times more optical power than other thermal emitters available.

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Thermal infrared emitter SMD
Miniaturized infrared sources in SMD housing

HIS smd series

HISsmd series emitters are small, powerful infrared radiation sources that meet the demands for reliable miniaturized gas sensors. Their low energy consumption, the high efficiency and the miniaturized size make them the ideal component for mobile, portable, and battery-powered applications.

The infrared light sources are used in respiratory gas analysis, e.g. for the detection of CO₂ and breath alcohol, in smart home and smartphone applications. The innovative SMD package enables a fully automated production in high-volume markets.


Thermal infrared emitter TO-39/TO 5 housing
Black-body infrared sources in TO39/TO5 package

HISbasic series emitters have an integrated gold plated reflector that directs the radiation emitted from the rear to the front to achieve maximum efficiency and optical output power.

The IR emitters are characterized by a very low temperature coefficient of electrical resistance. The electrical control of the infrared sources is easy, as the hot and cold resistances are almost identical. 

Thermal infrared emitter TO-8
High-power infrared sources in TO-8 housing

HISpower series emitters have an integrated gold plated reflector that directs the radiation emitted from the rear to the front through the housing window to achieve maximum efficiency.

The advanced packaging technology allows soldered sapphire, CaF₂ and BaF₂ windows for use in a wide temperature range of -25 °C up to +85 °C.

Gas filter cells
Gas filter Cells

for best optical measurement of gases

Hermetic gas filter cells are gas-filled cylinders and are used to block out specific frequency bands of interfering gases in optical gas analysis.

Additionally, the cells can be filled with reference gases of certain gas concentrations to be used for calibration of gas analysis systems, e.g. adjusting laser wavelengths to specific gas absorption bands. For a very high long-term stability our gas filter cells are hermetically sealed. The high transmissivity is achieved by soldered CaF₂ windows.

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