Senstech AG, founded in 1984, is a specialist in the development and production of thin-film technology sensors for force, pressure, torque and other measured variables. Senstech's customers include renowned manufacturers in the fields of machinery engineering, measuring instruments and medical devices.

A high level of vertical integration enables cost-efficient production of small series as well as high-volume manufacturing. Customized adaptations of sensors are part of Senstech's core business. State-of-the-art machinery enables the sensor specialist to offer contract manufacturing in the fields of laser cutting, drilling, welding, trimming, ablation and structuring. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and is part of the IST AG network since July 2022.

Senstech Sensors

Two- or three-dimensional structures are possible on a substrate, mostly made of high-quality spring steel. The layers applied with thin-film technology are ablated into micrometer-fine structures using state-of-the-art ablation lasers, while the resistances are measured and trimmed in real time.

Senstech force, pressure and torque sensors are used by well-known manufacturers in medical technology to monitor infusion,  peristaltic and insulin pumps as well as in laboratory detectors and in ophthalmic surgery equipment.

Force, pressure, torque and surface strain sensors

Force sensors


Senstech's miniaturized force sensors  enable measuring ranges up to at least 2000 N. Larger forces are monitored by Senstech displacement transducers, and the force is derived from their reading. Force sensors from Senstech can be implemented with up to 6 degrees of freedom.

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Pressure sensors


For over 20 years Senstech has been offering OEM sensors for pressure measurement and monitoring as series products. These sensors are mainly used in medical technology. 

In addition, the company has established an excellent reputation as a coating service provider for other sensor manufacturers.  Their coating technology is used to manufacture pressure transducers and other miniaturized measuring bodies with a wide range of applications in various industries.

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Weldable sensors


The torque principles of shear force, cage and measuring flange can be realized using thin-film strain gauges. Measuring elements from Senstech’s own product range or customized sensors are joined together by laser welding to form a torque sensor.
If you are looking for a sensor individually developed according to your requirements, or if you need a customized measuring body, then let our experts advise you. 

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Surface strain sensor_PR-011-0800

Surface Strain

"Preventive maintenance" is a popular buzzword from the field of Industry 4.0, but it is also the application area of Senstech's surface strain sensors. These sensors are used where abrasion of parts is monitored preventively. Surface strain sensors indirectly measure large forces of abrasion on stressed parts and thus support preventive maintenance. The reliability and productivity of machines and plants can be significantly improved by using surface strain sensors. 

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