MiniSens Pt100 1/5 IEC

Small thin-film platinum 100 Ohm RTD component with high accuracy, temperature range -200 °C to +600 °C, 1.6 x 1.2 mm, 10 mm wires

Benefits & Characteristics

  • High Accuracy
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Small dimensions
  • Low self-heating
  • Vibration and temperature shock resistant
  • Fast response time
Product Name
Nominal resistance
100 Ω at 0 °C
Operating temperature range
-200 °C to +600 °C
Pt 3850 ppm/K
Chip size/dimensions
1.6 x 1.2 x 0.6 mm
1/5 IEC 60751 between -20 °C and +120 °C
Connection type
Pt/Ni-wire, Ø 0.2 mm
Wire length
10 mm

Product details

Platinum Sensors

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG platinum temperature sensors provide solutions for extreme temperature applications and are designed with the highest quality materials, allowing them to operate within a wide temperature range of -200 °C to +1000 °C.  Standard IEC 60751 sensors are offered in class F0.3 (0.12 %), class F0.15 (0.06 %), F0.1 (0.04 %), and higher accuracies upon request.Our sensors are available in wireless (SMD) and wired configurations, and in sizes ranging from  0.75 mm to 10 mm (L), and 0.75 mm to 5.08 mm (W).  Standard sensors can be customized with a variety of lead wire material, insulations, length, and configurations.

With many years of experience, IST AG also offers development of customer-specific applications in terms of sensor technology development and consultation. As part of the standard development process, IST AG offers support at the point of implementation - this way we ensure the best sensor solution for specific applications. 


More information on platinum temperature sensors

Small dimensions

IST AG offers various sensor solutions for applications with limited space requirements.


The IST AG MiniSens offers the smallest footprint with dimensions of only 1.2 mm x 1.6 mm making the sensor an optimal solution for limited space applications. The MiniSens is available with accuracies of up to IEC 60751 F0.1 (IST AG reference class Y) and with long directly welded wires. The sensor can be used in applications with an operation temperature range of up to +600 °C.

The MiniSens is also offered with a metallized backside enabling optimal thermal coupling.


The IST AG SlimSens sensor is specially developed for applications requiring sensors fitted into tubes with very small diameters. The SlimSens measures 0.8 mm x3 mm and is the optimal solution for applications with tube diameters from 1 mm. The SlimSens is available with accuracies of up to IEC 60751 F0.1 (IST AG reference class Y) and with long directly welded wires within various ohmic resistances. This Pt temperature sensor can be used in applications with an operation temperature range of up to +600 °C.

Customization options

We provide a vast variety of options of sensor customization to meet application-specific requirements. Our temperature sensors can be adapted in many different ways to fulfill individual demands.

Extended 2- to 4-wire constructions

Pt temperature sensors are offered with two- or four-wire constructions depending on the application. IST AG offers RTDs with extended wires or with wires directly welded to the sensor chip on automated welding machines, enabling consistent quality and robustness. Various types of wire material and length are available depending on application-specific requirements.

Shrink tube

To avoid electrical short-circuits, IST AG offers sensor solutions assembled with shrink tubes covering one or more of the electrical contacts.

IST AG offers various Pt temperature sensors where shrink tubes are placed over the extension point, shrink tubes covering the sensor chip or both in one solution.


To optimize assembly at the customer end, IST AG offers RTD solutions with ready mounted connectors on wire ends. We offer various types of connectors for different applications. Contact us for more information regarding your specific requirements.

On sheets / discs

IST AG offers Pt temperature sensors soldered to metal discs, on sheets or in caps. Based on RTDs with metallic backside, our customers can benefit from the optimal thermal coupling of this solution without the need of in-house soldering technology. IST AG offers soldering to customer materials or provides the design, fabrication and assembly of the entire sub-assembly. Materials like 1.4401, 1.4404, hastelloy or titanium have been successfully used.

Sensors in housing

IST AG offers various solutions of pre-assembled sensors into housings. Sensors are available mounted in a conventional way where the sensor is inserted into the housing whereafter the housing is filled with an epoxy, polyurethane or silicone. Additionally, IST AG offers assemblies where the temperature sensor is soldered to the bottom of the housing resulting in better thermal contact and faster response time. The housings are available with various diameters, lengths and materials and can easily be inserted into applications, thereby optimizing assembly by the customer.

In round ceramic housing (R)

Sensors implemented into round ceramic housing enables an easy and accurate assembly into applications. The ceramic tubes are offered in standard and customized sizes and are applicable in temperatures ranging from -200 °C to +600 °C.

Excellent thermal coupling and fast response time

Metallized backside (M)

To increase accuracy and response time, IST AG offers a standard RTD sensor with a metallized backside allowing the sensor to be soldered onto a metallic surface and thereby increasing the thermal coupling. 

IST AG not only offers sensors with metallized backsides for soldering but also constructions like soldered sensors to tubes, in caps, on metal discs and onto various metals.

RealProbeTemp (RPT)

The RealProbeTemp is a pre-assembled stainless steel probe for the simplified manufacturing of temperature probes. The RPT provides an outstanding response time. The construction of the RealProbeTemp allows a minimized immersion depth (e.g. liquids at a depth of 10 mm or in some cases slightly less). Therefore it is an optimal solution in applications with limited space and pipe diameter.

Especially for applications where reduced space and large temperature gradients between surroundings and the measurement medium poses a challenge, the RealProbeTemp is the ideal solution for an accurate measurement.

The RealProbeTemp can act as a standalone probe assembly or as a sub-assembly inserted to minimize the fabrication process and materials of larger or more complex probe assemblies. This results in reduced manufacturing costs and enhanced performance of the finished assembly.


Consistent with the well-known, high-quality standards in Switzerland, IST AG is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (environment).  Appropriate processes are part of our daily work. They are regularly audited and extended parallel to the growth of our company. 

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