HYT Evaluation board, multi-channel

Humidity evaluation kit with user interface for Windows. Test board for humidity modules HYT271, HYT221 HYT939 and HYT.R411

Evaluation board compatible with all of iST`s standard humidity modules: HYT 271, 221, 939 and R411. Allows to parallel evaluation of up to 4 humidity modules. Directly executable, intuitive user interface on a USB dongle. Measure or set up logging on the fly to check performance in your application.

Product Name
HYT EvalBoard, multi-channel
Operating humidity range
0 to 100 % RH (modules) < 95 % non condensing (board)
Operating temperature range
-20 °C to +50 °C
Accuracy humidity
0...10V according to HYT calibration
Accuracy temperature
0...10V according to HYT calibration
Digital interface
Operating voltage
5 V (USB)
Current consumption
50 to 300 mA
67.3 x 25.4 mm (LxW)
Connection type
USB dongle, 30 cm cable
Measured medium

Product details


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