Vaccine transportation needs the right chip

The PW series of IST AG is the ideal solution for essential cooling devices needed in transportation and storage of heat-sensitive vaccines.

Heat-sensitive vaccine chip

Keeping vaccines cooled during storage and transportation requires a special RTD temperature sensor, this is why:

Different vaccine manufacturers require various storage temperatures. Some typical storage temperatures for vaccines are -20°C, others require storage at -80°C. The industry standard for thin film RTD sensors are limited to -30°C for class A and -50°C for class B, which is in conflict with this requirement.

The IST PW series is the only thin film RTD in the market, that comes with a specified accuracy all the way down to negative -80°C or lower. Therefore, our PW series meets class A tolerance at the required temperatures for vaccine storage. This translates to an outstanding accuracy for thin film RTD chips of +/- 0.31°C at -80°C, which significantly exceeds the required accuracy dictated by vaccine manufacturers. This allows room for manufacturing uncertainties during probe and storage equipment assemblies and makes an expensive post-calibration unnecessary.

The PW series is offered in class B, class A, 1/3 DIN or even higher all the way to negative -200°C.