Solution for applications with limited space - inverted welded leads, bent leads or axial lead wires

For applications with limited space, IST AG offers solutions with inverted welded and bent leads or axial lead wires.

Temperature Sensor for applications with limited space

Inverted and bent leads are the optimal solution for applications in tubes where sensors are soldered to the bottom of the tube. They are additionally used in applications with limited space where an optimal thermal contact is required and obtained by soldering sensors to surfaces. That is why the temperature sensors are also offered with a metallized backside to increase thermal coupling and with long directly welded wires to increase assembly processes and robustness.

To increase accuracy and response time, IST AG offers RTD sensors with inverted and bent leads with a metallized backside allowing the sensor to be soldered onto a metallic surface and thereby increasing the thermal coupling. 

Axial lead wires allow an extreme narrow sensor chip construction for applications where the sensor for example has to fit in a bore with an inner diameter of less than 0.6 mm.