Robust humidity and temperature monitoring in industrial settings

In industrial drying processes humidity measurement is vital in providing early warning of fluctuations in moisture content or for providing an indirect indication of how close dried materials are to their desired final moisture content. IST AG’s HYT 939P with VOC protection provides the optimal solution for compact sensors in industrial drying applications.


The HYT939P with VOC protection is the optimal humidity and temperature sensor component for industrial drying applications. The factory calibrated sensor module comes in a standard TO39 housing and is equipped with a VOC protection. This compact housing allows for easy positioning within the monitored process while the filter minimizes the influence of solid particles and VOC compounds on the humidity sensor.  HYT939P is ideal for demanding industrial settings which require a reliable and robust sensor which is insensitive to contamination and has a long-term stability. 

The sensor is based on a capacitive polymer measurement principle with a fast response time, low drift and hysteresis. The sensor remains stable in a high humidity environment and can sustain condensation conditions. It comes fully calibrated, and temperature compensated and is therefore interchangeable without adjustments. 

Operating range:    -40 °C to +125 °C
Operating Humidity range    0 % RH to 100 % RH
Accuracy:    ±1.8 % RH at +23 °C (0 % to 90 % RH)
Digital output:    I2C, default address 0x28 or alternative 

If a higher accuracy or different sensor design is needed, the modular design of the HYT product family allows for high flexibility – the sensor, its calibration and assembly can easily be adapted to develop tailor-made modules fulfilling individual requirements. Application specific humidity modules from IST AG feature extraordinary reliability that can be trusted to perform process control or accurate monitoring. Please contact us to discuss custom sensor solutions.
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