NEW: Connectors for CPP1 Peristaltic Micropump Series

Along with the evaluation kit, there are new accessories for the micropump series available. A practical holder for microscopes as well as pyramid and Y-connectors.

Connectors for CPP1 Peristaltic Micropump Series

The holder is designed to fit on microscope slides and thus it can be integrated into microscope slide handling frames allowing for space efficient microfluidic setups. It can be fixated on any flat surface with double-sided tape or mounted with two ISO M3 screws with a hole [M1] pitch of 20mm.

There are 4- and 3-way connectors available for combining and mixing gas as well as liquid supplies in miniaturized flow systems. They are compatible with flexible tubes with an inner diameter of 0.5 mm like the silicone tubing of the CPP1 peristaltic micropump series.

The Pyramid- and the Y-Connectors offer 4, respectively 3, fluidic equal ports without a predominant flow direction. That way one inlet stream can be split into 3 (2) equal outlet streams. The X-connector is offering the most miniaturized solution for combining and splitting 4 streams of gas and liquid. Multiple connectors can be stacked to enable a very high integration density for complex flow systems.