IST Innuscreen launches new website

IST Innuscreen launches new website featuring a product-which enables easy access to the right nucleid acid extraction kit. a suitable nucleic acid extraction kit.

IST-Innuscreen new website

IST Innuscreen offers a wide range of nucleic acid extraction solutions that allow easy isolation of DNA/RNA from all samples. Their kits are characterised by high yields from different starting materials as well as highest sensitivity and reproducibility.

The product portfolio includes a wide range of patented extraction schemes for automated or manual extraction, from spin filter-based to magnetic particle-based isolation of RNA and DNA to SmartExtraction for easy automation or PME for efficient recovery of even free circulating DNA as TCT for water analysis.  

With such a wide range of products and technologies, choosing the right kit can be a challenge. For this reason, IST Innuscreen has developed a Kit Finder to help its customers find the product they need. The online user can filter by product type, extraction technology, PCR device, sample type or number of reactions required.

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