An interview with Gerhard Jobst, CEO of Jobst Technologies

An interview with Gerhard Jobst, CEO of Jobst Technologies, regarding the aqusition of Jobst Technologies by IST AG.

Gerhard Jobst, CEO of Jobst Technologies

It has been already seven months since Jobst Technologies has become part of IST AG. What is the general mindset among the employees at Jobst Technologies and how have they assimilated becoming part of the IST AG family?

It is great being a part of that beautiful and charming family! And the insight that this integration brings with it, is an ongoing process that encompasses way more sectors than originally anticipated. Like you said, an integration process usually requires a great deal of changes and adjustments for both parties.

How has the general experience been for Jobst Technologies?

Neither do we see a need for significant changes to our way of working nor do we expect such requirements from the Headquarter in Ebnat-Kappel. Certainly there are numerous fields where accommodation is imperative. E.g., at Jobst we had just started setting up marketing and now also profit a lot from the professionalism of the IST AG sales force. Vice versa quality requirements implementation for medical device manufacturing in Ebnat-Kappel will profit from Jobst Technologies operational quality management system. 

What kind of changes have been made inside your company during this integration? 

Actually, not too many. Dominating so far are certainly the marketing issues.

From these changes, which one do you think would represent the greatest advantage for Jobst Technologies in the future and why?

Certainly the marketing, since there we had the most significant shortcomings in the planned business development of Jobst Technologies: Targeting not only the existing big customers, but also broadening our footprint into the SMB segment maintaining focus on delivering value throughout the chain. The added production facility, providing customers with ultimate security in supply, is also a significant advantage.

What aspect of this integration process have you enjoyed the most?

The obviation of the need for upscaling manufacturing in Freiburg and of course the celebrations in beautiful Ebnat-Kappel.

Now for IST AG, how can they benefit from this acquisition?

An instantaneous broadening of the competence and products portfolio into the “bio” field and considerable visibility by a true landmark product: “Eirus” – the first glucose/lactate monitor for the ICU. In the mid-term our expertise in microfluidics and assembly will contribute significantly to application development.

What can we expect for both companies in the near future?

The evolution and development of more landmark products for Biotech and Medicine.