Innovations from Senstech: Force sensor bracket and mini amplifier

Senstech AG is launching two new proprietary products at this year's SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg: the compact KB-011-1600 force sensor bracket and the SA-011-1500 mini signal amplifier.

Senstech_Mini Signal Amplifier_SA-011-150

The new force sensor bracket is rectangular in shape with a size of 9×14 mm. It can be mounted securely against twisting with an M2 screw and a straight pin. Based on thin-film strain gauges, it is suitable for measuring or monitoring forces in medical devices, measuring and testing devices or industrial equipment. The force range is 20 N; by adjusting the sheet thickness, further measuring ranges from approx. 3 to 100 N can be realised (on request). A round-headed rivet is used to apply the force to the bracket; two screw holes are available as an alternative for application-specific force application.

The mini signal amplifier SA-011-1500 is suitable for amplifying the output signal of a force sensor directly in the supply line. In this way, it can be transmitted without interference and digitised with simple means. The module is based on the AD627 instrumentation amplifier and is available in four variants covering operating voltages from 2.2 to 25 V as well as different input signal ranges. It is compatible with development platforms such as Arduino as well as with 0-10 V analogue inputs.

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