High-end relative humidity measurement for challenging markets

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG’s humidity modules are your industry benchmark when it comes to measure precisely at low humidity. Now the IST’s HYT family can be ordered with a calibration that guarantees an outstanding accuracy especially focused on the low humidity range.

HYT humidity module family

IST AG’s HYT modules have been popular in various applications and can be found in measuring instruments from HVAC applications to high tech medical devices and semiconductor process chambers on a global scale.

With the development of a high end humidity calibration and measurement set up, the HYT sensor family boasts the accuracy up to +/- 1.4 % rh and sets new standards for moisture measurement with low hysteresis and easy plug-and-play interchangeability. This exceptionally high accuracy meets the growing demand of process control applications in semiconductor equipment.

Do you want to go even beyond? Then take advantage of a custom approach. Our three HYT models can be ordered with a tailored calibration, which allows an accuracy of higher than +/- 1.4 % rh when used in combination with a limited range of 0-50 % rh. For dew point applications  measuring in the range of 0-5 % rh, you can even reach an accuracy of < +/- 0.5 % rh.

The HYT humidity module family
HYT 271:    This is our entry level solution, favored by manufacturers of transmitters, measuring instruments and HVAC applications.
HYT 221:    Protected from dust and particles, this model can be sealed against a wall with an O-ring and is often used in industrial drying systems, agriculture and medical devices such as incubators.
HYT 939:    This module is also protected from dust and particles, and also seals against a wall with an O-ring, for pressure levels up to 16 bar. Its specialty is dew point measurement in compressed air and is also used in laboratory applications, medical and drying systems.

“For most applications an accuracy of 1,8 % rh is sufficient, but some customers seek an even higher accuracy”, explains Dr. Julia Rebholz, Team Leader Humidity, “Our humidity modules can be operated at a very high accuracy, when prepared and calibrated for specific customer’s demands and applications.”

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