Early leakage detection prevents long-term damage

Plop,..... plop, ... plop... a dripping tap that loses 20 drops per minute not only gives sleepless nights, but also wastes around 5,000 liters per year. With that much water you could fill a conventional bathtub 33 times!

OOL leakage detectection module

Poorly sealed pipes or old and rusty pipes can cause severe building damage. Undetected leaks from rusted pipes can gradually lead to rotting walls, ceilings or floors. The damp environment leads to dangerous mold that requires extensive and costly renovations.

 IST AG's Flow OOL module is equipped with a highly sensitive flow sensor that can detect the smallest flow rates with an accuracy of <3% F.S. with a repeatability of < 0.3% F.S. (value for DI-H2O in the temperature range of +5 to +50°C) in a response time of 500 ms.

The module is installed at the entrance to the building or per floor in an apartment building. Upon detecting even the smallest leakage, the flow module immediately sends a signal to the monitoring device, allowing the owner to identify the cause of the leakage.

IST AG's Flow OOL module has a high chemical resistance and is also suitable for aggressive liquids. It is temperature compensated and is used in process control, as a water flow meter, in process control or leak detection, has an excellent repeatability as well as a high accuracy between 0 and 20kg/h.

Its output signal comes through an I2C protocol and is calibrated to a flow signal in kg/h, electrical heating power in mW (non-linearized signal), media temperature in °C and microcontroller.

For more information see our data sheet Flow Digital Out of Liquid