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AJ Innuscreen GmbH, is an innovative life science company founded in 2005. Located in Berlin, AJ Innuscreen was a part of the Analytik Jena GmbH before its acquisition by Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG in May 2020.

AJ Innuscreen GmbH is engaged in the field of nucleic acid isolation and purification, molecular diagnostics and owns a broad product portfolio with unique technology platforms. These platforms are protected by 38 patents and patented applications.

Special technologies are available for the extraction of high molecular weight DNA for subsequent NGS-applications as well as for the enrichment of biomolecules like cell-free DNA, viruses or subcellular particles.

AJ Innuscreen's product portfolio includes:

  • kits for manual and automated extraction and purification of nucleic acids (e.g. RNA extraction products for Covid-19 extraction)
  • kits for the enrichment of biomolecules (cell free DNA or Exosomes)
  • storage stable dried enzymes and enzyme mixes for PCR and Real-Time PCR
  • molecular biology assays for food and environmental testing 
  • customized service for development of nucleic acid extraction on demand

Their best-known products are known as innuPREP, innuDETECT or SmartExtraction, among others. The company is certified for ISO EN13485, to which standard all products are produced and tested.

For our goal of expanding worldwide, we are looking for committed partners to sell our products.

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