Jobst Technologies is a technological company specialized in the overlap between micro systems technology and electrochemical analytics. Their product portfolio encompasses chemical sensors for methanol, ethanol, and oxygen, biosensors for glucose and lactate, microfluidic systems such as static micromixers, complete monitoring solutions comprising of sensor arrays, microfluidics, electronics, and software, and robotic dispensing systems for smallest volumes.

The flexibility of Jobst's technology portfolio not only ensures development and production at competitive costs but also allows realisation of cost-effective customized solutions. 




Founded in 2002 as spin-off of the chair of sensors at Freiburg Institute of Micro Systems Technology — IMTEK, Jobst Technologies started working as a campus-based company. Since 2007 Jobst Technologies has its own  premises at the Biotech Park Freiburg. In 2015 Jobst Technologies was acquired by Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG.

Products & Services of Jobst Technologies



Our biosensors offer both, monitoring at extremely low flow rates as low as 5 µl/min and monitoring of volumes smaller than 1 µl.

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Biosensor accessories

Accessories for biosensors

From connectors over sensor boards for connecting flow-through biosensors, to complete cable assemblies for strip-type biosensors to the SIX transmitter to operate our biosensors.

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Driver for actuators

Passive and Active Microfluidics

Jobst Technologies designed micro-actuators and evaluation kits to control up to 4 pumps at once with a plug & play approach.

Wafer Scale Microfluidic Assembly

“Biocompatible” Wafer Scale Microfluidic Assembly

Entire room temperature and solvent free process for wafer scale assembly of microfluidics onto e.g. biofunctionalized wafers.


    Peristaltic microfluidic actuators

    Contract Research & Development

    Jobst Technologies'  core competencies include comprehensive, professional and process development consulting for biosensors and biosensor systems, including software for biotechnological applications. We support you in electrochemistry and microtechnology and support your in your process and product development for:

    • Microfluidic sensor systems
    • Sensor arrays
    • Dispensing machinery


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