I'm responsible for ensuring that our company leaves a good impression on visitors

Simone, Apprentice Maintenance Specialist

Interview with Sarusan, Igor and Simone


IST offers apprenticeships in various professional disciplines. Currently, 5 apprentices are employed in the commercial direction (KV EFZ profile E and M), 4 prospective physics laboratory assistants, 4 plant operators and one in operational maintenance. In autumn 2021, some of our apprentices volunteered information on how they like their training...


How long have you been working at IST AG and what apprenticeship are you doing?


Simone: I am completing my training as a maintenance specialist and have just started my second year of training.

Igor: I am in the last of the 4 years of my apprenticeship as a physics laboratory assistant.

Saru: I successfully completed my commercial apprenticeship in July.

Why did you decide on this apprenticeship and why at IST AG?

Simone: My older brother did the same apprenticeship. He sometimes took me to work and I always enjoyed helping him. That got me interested in the job.

Igor: I was always good at physics and math. I became aware of the training at an information day at EMPA. I've tried several places, but the IST was my favorite. I just had a good feeling.

Saru: I particularly liked the diversity of my training. I was able to gain experience in various departments. What I particularly like about IST is the positive atmosphere.

I particularly liked the diversity of my training. I was able to gain experience in various departments.

Sarusan, Commercial Apprentice

What are your main tasks and what does a typical working day look like for you?

Simone: I'm responsible for ensuring that our company leaves a good impression on visitors. I look after the outdoor area and clean the company inside and I am responsible for waste separation and management. I also help the technical service to prepare the infrastructure for events and generally lend a hand in the technical service. Because of Corona, I also had a lot to do with disinfecting the building last year.

Igor : As a physics lab assistant, I am involved in various laboratory work, such as measuring, soldering and setting up new experiments. I work in the laboratory and also in the workshop. I work closely with scientists and help to carry out experiments or create evaluation electronics and build circuits. I am involved in the measurement of sensors, quality control, I can set up a circuit, evaluate and judge interim and final results, create micrographs and calibrate measuring devices. Working with the electron microscope is fun. Another highlight was my workshop internship, which I was able to complete at Huber & Suhner.

Saru: – It was very different depending on the department. From organizing translations in marketing to entering offers and sending order confirmations in sales to accounts payable/accounts receivable in accounting. In the purchasing department, I did the entire purchasing process - from obtaining offers to ordering and invoicing. In the HR department, I was responsible for the absence reports, time recording and control and carried out the organization and planning of the annual service anniversary event. I was amazed that logistics was also a department that had to be passed through. But there you can see how incoming and outgoing goods work, including packaging and the creation of shipping documents.

My job is diverse and never gets boring.

Igor, Physics Laboratory Assistant Apprentice

What is your favourite task?


Simone: I'm a very well-groomed guy myself and I like it when my environment is clean. I love removing dirt and I love the before and after results. This applies to both indoors and outdoors. I love nature, so I particularly enjoy being able to work outside, e.g. jetting around on the lawn mower and mowing the lawn around our company.

Igor: A difficult question for me because my job is so diverse. It never gets boring. I'm always busy doing something I enjoy, from drawing to constructing to measuring or making - I like what I'm doing.

Saru: I would have to say in purchasing: I had the entire order process with me, and I really enjoyed the contact with suppliers.

What are you going to do after your graduation?


Simone: I haven't decided on that yet. I think I'll keep doing the job or go into the military or do something else entirely.

Igor: I still have a good year to think about my next steps. The first thing I will do after the apprenticeship is my army training, then I would like to study. I don't know exactly yet, but probably a technical degree, electrical engineering, math, etc. Since I also like doing sports, I could also imagine studying sports.

Saru: I'll stay with IST until December and work in sales and logistics. After that I will complete the military training, and then I would like to work for a bank.

What words would you use to discribe IST?


Simone, Igor, Saru: Employee-friendly, serious but relaxed, supportive, helpful, good fringe benefits such as a fitness room, 5.- for a 3-course menu in the canteen

What makes IST AG an attractive employer?


Simone, Igor, Saru: You can always come by with problems. The monthly «Lehrlingskafi» is always fun and you can exchange ideas with other apprentices. There are several Selekta vending machines, cheap and good lunches in the canteen, a Christmas dinner and party for all employees, department outings and an apprentice outing.

The workplaces are modern, and there are also comfortable (seating) corners everywhere where you can chat, as well as a billiard table and table soccer. We also have our own fitness room - and fairness: e.g. the same coffee machine is in the management kitchen as in production.

What's also cool are the regular off-site activities that you can take part in, such as hikes, ski and bike tours or tobogganing with fondue.