Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is not only a manufacturer of sensor products - we are a global team of experts in the field of sensor technology offering our skills and experience as development partners for customers. We offer extensive service when it comes to advanced application needs or the development of new technologies.

How we work
How we work

After discussing your requirements, we work with you to create a concept consisting of manufacturing technologies and suitable materials, from substrate to coating to structuring, assembly and packaging.

Helpful and enjoyable to work with

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Collaboration is key


IST AG has over 30 years of micro-system experience in developing new technologies and solutions for customers. Close collaboration with a brand network of partners, unversities and technical institutes means we push the boudaries of existing technology, creation innovations that fulfill increasing customer demands, across a wide spectrum of industries. This is our core competence, and gives our customers a competitive edge.

Product Engineer

Engineering Services

Our qualified technical team offers comprehensive consulting, engineering, and manufacturing assistance to support our partners in creating added value with fully integrated sensor solutions. The following services can be procured from IST AG to complement your inhouse engineering know-how and efficiently design IST sensors into your application.

Quality Assurance

Consulting & feasibility testing

Support with the selection of a suitable temperature, thermal mass flow, humidityconductivity sensors or biosensor for a particular application, incl. inhouse consultations, theoretical modelling, rapid prototyping and preliminary tests


Custom sensor design

  • Design of customized sensor or microheater as components
  • Proposal of chip-on-board subsystems and sensor front-ends
production process measuring

Signal conditioning

  • Signal evaluating hardware and firmware tailored to a control or monitoring task
  • Algorithms for temperature compensation and signal evaluation
Flow Sensor with housing FS7


  • Sensor packaging solutions for easy system integration and handling
  • Custom assemblies as probes, flow cells or sensor front-ends, incl. housing, cable, connector, flow channel, etc.
  • Support with mechanical design of sensor assembly to facilitate optimal sensor performance conditions


Metrology & Quality assurance

Metrology and quality assurance

  • Application specific factory calibration services
  • 100% product end-control in compliance with defined quality standards
  • Access to specialized test equipment inhouse or at external test facilities through an international network of reputable companies, institutes, and universities
Evaboard calibrated humidity modules

Product life cycle management

  • Development of fully calibrated digital sensor modules
  • Supply chain management
  • Long-term product innovation
  • Global Fulfillment

Our versatile technological portfolio covers different substrate material choices, the use of thin- and thick-film technologies and patterning technologies as well as diverse test and assembly options.

Dr. Florian Krogmann, Chief R&D Officer

Our expertise

Sensors made by IST AG are proven to be reliable and cost effective, evident by our repeat customers. Our multifaceted technological portfolio includes choice of substrate material, the use of thin- and thick-film technologies, patterning technologies, testing and various mounting options. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Tailor-made sensors

We develop sensors fitted to application-specific requirements.




Before and after sale support

Our expert support our customers from the sensor development as well as after its implementation.

Flexible quantities quickly

Small and large quantities

We manufacture varying sensor quantities within short development and production time.

Development & consultation

Technology partner

We offer sensor technology development and consultation out of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Wide production range

Compatible portfolio

We develop and manufacture sensors that are compatible across the entire product range.


Close cooperation

We work closely with out customers to find optimal sensor solution to fit just for them.