Development & technology partner

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is not only a manufacturer of sensor products - we are a global team of experts in the field of sensor technology offering our skills and experience as development partners for customers. We offer extensive service when it comes to advanced application needs or the development of new technologies.

IST AG has more than 25 years of micro-system experience in developing new technologies and solutions for customers. Close collaboration with a broad network of partners, universities and technical institutes means we push the boundaries of existing technology, creating innovations that fulfill increasing customer demands, across a wide spectrum of industries. This is our core competence, and gives our customers a competitive edge.

Sensors made by IST AG are proven to be reliable and cost effective, evident by our repeat customers. Our versatile technological portfolio covers different substrate material choices, the use of thin- and thick-film technologies and patterning technologies as well as diverse test and assembly options.

As a development and technology partner focused on customer solutions, we look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

Development & technology