Application Development

Comprehensive system level integration of thin-film sensors

Our qualified technical team offers consulting, development, and production assistance – we employ simplified embedded front end solutions (electronic and software based), modules, and software algorithms, to support a fast design-in-process for the development of your application and provide ideal sensor operation conditions.

The broad knowledge and experience of our team across a variety of industries provides unparalleled value – specifically with the more complex flow, humidity and conductivity sensors, but also with temperature sensors.

As part of our comprehensive system level integration we offer:

  • Development of system integration of our temperature, flow, humidity and conductivity sensor components
  • Design and prototyping of customized sensor components and subsystems such as calibrated electronics/modules to support small and high volume production quantities
  • Hardware, software, and sensor packaging solutions
  • Development of conventionally packaged and COB designed, fully calibrated sensor modules
  • Local measurement and test capabilities with the involvement of certified partners
  • Access to an international network of reputable companies, institutes, and universities
  • In-house consultation and training

Our application development team focuses on finding sensor solutions specific for your application requirements.