Innovative thinking, teamwork and perseverance are values that drive our business. It is important to us that we support activities that reflect these values. Examples include:

Ramona Forcchini_mounten biker

Ramona Forchini

Mountain bike

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Josua Mettler_giant slalom

Josua Mettler

Giant slalom

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Lischa Himalaya

Lischa Himalaya e.V

Help people to help themselves in Nepal: In 2015, the region was devastated by several strong earthquakes, IST AG supports the project, especially in the reconstruction of schools

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Volley Toggenburg

Local sports teams

E.g. athletics sports team "leichtathletikschule toggenburg", Volleyball team "Volley Toggenburg"

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TG Wolzenalp

TG Wolzenalp

Skiing team

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Rathaus für Kultur

Rathaus für Kultur

Where creative artists and the population meet in an inspiring evironment 

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Spitex Mobile


Enabling families with a handicapped child free access to a vehicle for the disabled

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Local events

E.g. balloon days Toggenburg, parachute championship etc.

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