Humidity & temperature_sensor_HYT223_heated

Accurate humidity despite exposure to volatile organic components

Volatile organic components (VOC) cause drift in humidity sensors, requiring a removal and resetting of the sensor. The Heated HYT 223 is IST’s newest member of the HYT product series and allows for an automatic reset without having to remove the sensor. When measuring humidity in environments with exposure to VOC, a drift occurs which over time causes faulty measurement results. The sensor needs to be removed and reset, which is not only time-consuming and requires regular re-calibration of the sensor, but ultimately amounts to maintenance costs
Pt1000 RTD sensors with axial lead wires

应用于狭窄空间的PT1000 RTD传感器

对于空间狭窄的应用如安装在内径小于0.6毫米的钻孔或管中,IST AG提供带有轴向引线的Pt1000 RTD传感器。其极窄的传感器芯片结构和玻璃钝化允许在非常狭窄的空间中进行温度测量,其公差为:在-200°C-+ 400°C范围内,0°C时的偏移为+/- 10%。



Robust humidity and temperature monitoring in industrial settings

In industrial drying processes humidity measurement is vital in providing early warning of fluctuations in moisture content or for providing an indirect indication of how close dried materials are to their desired final moisture content. IST AG’s HYT 939P with VOC protection provides the optimal solution for compact sensors in industrial drying applications.