Precise, reliable and cost-efficient: our micro-heaters are designed to fit your application's needs. Heating of small spaces is not only needed in car cigarette-lighters, but across a wide range of industries - from automotive, laser manufacturing, humidification units, life-science, 3D printing to medical devices, targeted heating of tiny spaces is required. 


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Micro heaters are used in devices requiring a small but accurate heat source with precise temperature control, such as optical interactive assistance systems. Allowing for targeted heating of tiny spaces, IST AG micro heaters are found across various industries, including automotive, laser manufacturing, humidification units, life-science, 3D printing and medical devices. They are a precision heat source for gas and humidity sensors, biopsy or tissue samples for medical analysis, or used in malignant tumor treatment. Each micro heater is individually customized and designed to fit your application’s requirements. 

Benefits and Characteristics

Micro heater HST6R4


IST AG micro heaters can be tailored to any application to enable an even heat distribution across a small surface. They allow for targeted heating of tiny spaces.

micro heater long

Special Form Factors

The possibilities for chip shapes as well as the geometry of heating patters are endless and can be designed to fit precisely into any application.

We design the micro heater to fit the application’s profile offering a wide selection of substrates, from alumina to zirconia.

Whether round, polygons, long and thin or square, the substrates can be cut with precision laser into any two-dimensional shape, providing the form factor needed to fit the application.



Various substrate materials can be utilized to be compatible with objects to be heated. Thermal conductivity, which influences the heat transfer from heater to object, varies for different substrates. Depending on the requirements the choice of will be made from the following selection: ceramic alumina, zirconia, sapphire, steel, copper, polyimide, aluminum nitride or silicon wafer. Ceramic substrates, for example, have excellent corrosion resistance and the highest operating temperature range.

The heat transfer from heater to object, varies for different substrates. Stainless steel has the lowest value of about 15 W/mK, aluminum nitride has the highest value up to 220 W/mK.

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Standard features of a typical micro-heater

Micro-Heater with insulated wir

Benefits & Characteristics

Our micro heaters combine high-precision and long-term stability with a wide temperature range from - 50°C up to 800°C and feature numerous benefits

  • Fast response times
  • High temperature stability
  • Long term stability
  • Overheating protection
  • High precision
  • Targeted heating of tiny spaces
  • Tailor-made to fit your application

Their small footprint in all shapes and sizes and excellent thermal characteristics facilitate precise and highly localized heating of solids, liquids, and gases.

Heat-up times for various supply voltages

Thick-film micro-heater

Resistance: 12 Ohm ±10%
Dimensions: 13 mm x 16 mm x 0.63 mm
Heating Material: PTC resistor
Substrate: Al2 O3
T range: -50 °C to +800 °C
Heat up time: >100 °C in 10 sec
High Watt density: at 800 °C / Steady state

Heat up times for different supply voltages (graphic)

Red:  12.0 V
Yellow: 5.0 V
Blue:    3.3 V

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