Find the right biosensor for allowing measurements of your complex biological media. Designed for measuring the concentration of glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate in aqueous media, our biosensors are built on the enzymatic-amperometric measurement principle. 

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Multi-parametric biosensor for glucose, lactate, glutamine & glutamate

Multi-parametric measurements

The IST AG LV5 sensor is a flow-through biosensor and offers multi-parametric measurements. Up to 4 analytes can be measured simultaneously (glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate). The sensor features a very small flow cell (1 µL) and therefore requires minimal sample volumes when used as an analyzer.

Further advantages of the LV5 biosensor include:

  • Excellent long-term stability over a month in continuous measurement mode (lifetime varies depending on various factors, including the analyte concentration and buffer system (medium) amongst others)
  • Long shelf life (under appropriate environmental conditions) 
  • Gamma and beta sterilization compatible
  • Suitable for continuous and analyzer measurement modes
  • Fast response time (depends on the buffer system (medium))
  • Reference, counter and blank electrodes on-chip
  • Integrated flow cell (various volumes)

The LV5 biosensor is suitable for sampling systems in laboratories or food and pharmaceutical industries.

IV4 Biosensor for single parametric dip-in measurement

IV4 - Optimal for stable continuous single parameter dip-in applications

The IST AG IV4 biosensor is a flexible stripe with large form factor ideal for direct dipping in the measurement media. It is designed for the detection of a single analyte, glucose as standard. This sensor is ideal for applications that require in-line continuous measurement with high reliability.

Further advantages of the IV4 biosensor include:

  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Long shelf life
  • Gamma and beta sterilization compatible
  • Fast response time and outstanding reliability
  • Reference, counter and blank electrodes on-chip

Given its compatibility with gamma radiation, the IV4 sensor can be used for example in bioreactors or aseptic media.

IDC-Kabel with B.IV4-Sensor

SIX Biosensor Transmitter - Evaluation Kit for Amperometric Biosensors

The SIX Biosensor Transmitter enables a direct evaluation of LV5 and IV4 biosensors. It can be directly connected to a computer via USB or to any microprocessor via a standard TTL-serial interface. The evaluation software bioMON is also available for the acquisition of measurement data and its analysis in real time.

Further advantages of the SIXBiosensor Transmitter:

  • USB connectivity for easy evaluation
  • OEM version with serial interface for easy integration in custom developments
  • Very high current precision (approx. 20 pA)
  • 6 current channels with common reference and counter terminals
  • Current range can be factory-adjusted to meet specific requirements
  • Very light weight
  • Evaluation software bioMON available


Our daughter company, Jobst Technologies, offers a range of microfluidic accessories. For more information on peristaltic, microfluidic actuators contact Jobst Technologies directly.



Evaluation product for professionals to be used solely for research and development purposes! Not for medical and diagnostic use. Not to be used on humans. For more information contact IST AG.

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Explore the basic working principles of biosensors with an up-close look at the key chemical reactions and the enzymatic-amperometric measurement principle.

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IST AG offers biosensors designed to measure the concentration of glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate in aqueous media.