At Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG we specialize in the  development and manufacturing of temperature sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, humidity sensors, conductivity sensors and biosensors.

In addition to our standard products, we offer sensor adaptations to individual, customer-specific application needs - right up to the joint development of new technologies. IST-sensors are characterized by their accuracy and consistency in various measurement conditions. They are used in measuring instruments for various applications, such as med-tech, process control, automation, aerospace, test and measurement or biotechnology.

New products

Moisture-in-Oil Sensor

Moisture-in-Oil Sensor

Fully calibrated, ready-to-use assembled RH/T module in screw-in assembly

Frequently, it is necessary to monitor the condition of lubricants with the support of sensor technology. For such a monitoring function, IST AG has engineered the new Moisture-in-Oil sensor, a compact, digital humidity and temperature module (RH/T) that will measure the relative degree of saturation of water in %RH (water activity aw in %) in oils and fuels.

SFS Flow Module news

SFS Flow Module

Ready-to-use, linearized mass flow module for gases

Fast, continuous gas flow monitoring, suitable for gas dosing systems, manifolds and analyzers, with a response time ≤  20 ms. The module is already linearized from factory with a reproducibility of 0.2 % and an accuracy of 2 %.

Humidity and temperature module HYT 939P with PTFE filter

HYT 939 P with VOC protection

Robust humidity and temperature monitoring in industrial settings

In industrial drying processes humidity measurement is vital in providing early warning of fluctuations in moisture content or for providing an indirect indication of how close dried materials are to their desired final moisture content.

IST AG’s HYT 939P with VOC protection provides the optimal solution for compact sensors in industrial drying applications.

Senstech sensors

Force, torque and surface strain sensors

by Senstech

Physical thin film sensors for measuring large forces, shear stress, surface strain. Senstech is specialized in the  development of standard and OEM sensor solutions for various measuring parameters, the application and structuring of thin layers as well as all other steps for the production of the sensor elements

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Product highlights

Micro heater with cable


For precise, reliable and cost-efficient heating of solids, liquids and gases: our micro heaters are custom-built to fit your application's requirements.

IR heat sources

Thermal infrared emitters

Thermal infrared emitters for gas analysis, material detection & spectroscopy are used in numerous applications across a wide range of industries.

DNA & RNA extraction kits

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Spin Filter, Magnetic Beads, Smart Modified Surface or Polymer Mediated Enrichment: Automated or manual, find the right extraction technology and platform.

Our expertise

Our advanced expertise is driven by the challenge of being at the cutting edge of the industry. We continuously improve existing technologies by working closely with customers to find optimal sensor solutions for specific application requirements and by collaborating with a wide network of partners, including institutes and universities.

Tailor-made sensor solutions

We develop customized sensors, from minor modifications of standard sensors to complete new product development to meet the requirements of your application.

Flexible quantities and fast production

We produce various quantities of sensors in short development and production times.

Development and consultation

As a technology partner, we offer sensor technology development and consulting in our state-of-the-art facilities.


Our experts offer support from vision through development to after-sales services.

Wide product range

We develop and manufacture sensors that are customizable across a wide range of products.


We work closely with our customers to find the optimal sensor solution that meets the exact needs of their application.

I am very satisfied with IST and have known the company for over 20 years since I founded my company.

Answer from the Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance

As an ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (environment) certified company, our processes are designed around our customer’s needs. Our highly trained and empowered employees as well as our quality management system form the foundation and essential framework for establishing standards, communicating them, and consistently integrating them into daily work.

What our employees say about working at IST AG

Employee IST AG Andrea Rüegg

IST AG has always encouraged and supported me in my endeavours. I have been able to further develop myself, take on new tasks and responsibilities and I am proud and grateful to be part of this great team.

Andrea Rüegg
Assistant to the CEO
@ IST AG since 2001

Employee IST AG Prend Rrasi

I like the close cooperation with different departments and the accessibility of our top management. My work is always appreciated and IST is always open to new ideas.

Prend Rrasi, Teamleader  Dicing & Welding

@IST AG since 2011