December 8, 2020

NEW: Viral DNA/RNA – extraction kits

With the acquisition of life-science company AJ Innuscreen GmbH in Berlin, Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG was able to expand its product portfolio with kits for DNA/RNA extraction, molecular biology detection assays for food and water and reagents for PCR or Real Time PCR. 

Founded in 2005, the life science company AJ Innuscreen, is located in Berlin and is ISO EN13485 certified. The company specializes in the field of nucleic acid isolation and purification, molecular diagnostics and protein detection and owns a broad product portfolio for nucleic isolation and molecular diagnostics, including molecular biology reagents. 

The business fields are based on a variety of unique technology platforms for isolation and purification of nucleic acids, extraction of HMW DNA for NGS-applications as well as the enrichment of biomolecule like cell free DNA, viruses or subcellular particles. These platforms are protected by 38 patents and patent applications. AJ Innuscreen-products are the lifeline of any lab which is involved in low and high-volume nucleic acid extraction or detection and wants to evolve through efficiency and testing accuracy.

The new deltaPREP product line includes viral extraction kits for nucleic acid extraction and purification, which are based on a new kind of chemistry. It ranges from manual to automated solutions for nucleic acid extractions of different kinds of starting materials. The extraction procedure of the automated kit is performed on a magnetic particle processor and allows the parallel extraction of DNA /RNA for up to 96 samples. The manual kit is designed for the fast isolation of viral RNA from tracheal swabs. 

IST AG offers two of the kits for isolation of viral RNA: the deltaPREP Anipath DNA/RNA kit for automated extraction on the KingFisher Flex platform and the deltaPREP Virus TS RNA kit for manual extraction.

Both kits allow the efficient and fast extraction of viral RNA based on an optimized and patented extraction chemistry. Its patented DC technology enables rapid lysis and efficient binding as well as an efficient and sensitive recovery of viral RNA.

The method allows for fast extraction protocols (51 minutes/for 96 samples based on the KingFisher Flex magnetic particle processor or approx. 30 minutes for manual extraction.

The kits have been successfully tested for various viruses, including Corona Virus (Covid-19), HIV, HBV, Influenza and many more.

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