Senstech offers a standard program of miniature force sensors for common applications. Even for small quantities those standard sensors can be adapted to specific requirements. Senstech thin film force sensors are used in a wide range of medical and industrial devices.

Senstech thin film force sensors are used in a wide range of medical and industrial devices

Standard Range


Force sensors from Senstech standard range are suitable for many applications, especially when small quantities are required. For some sensors in the range, adaptations to customer-specific requirements are possible if none of the available products meet the desired requirements. Such adaptations are, for example, milled grooves or adaptations of the signal amplification factor.

A large measuring range is characterizing force sensors made by Senstech –  at least up to 2000 N can be measured. In order to monitor even larger forces, the deformation of a suitable measuring body can be monitored with a Senstech displacement transducer. For complex substrate bodies, force sensors with up to 6 degrees of freedom can be realised. As standard, Senstech force sensors can be equipped with integrated, programmable instrumentation amplifiers.

Force sensors

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Quality Assurance
Quality assurance

As an ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 13485:2016 (medical devices) certified company, Senstech's processes are designed around our customer’s needs. Its highly trained and empowered employees as well as Senstech’s quality management system form the foundation and essential framework for establishing standards, communicating them, and consistently integrating them into daily work.