Our Team

In case of any questions, please contact the responsible Area Sales Manager for your region.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jiri Polak - Chief Business Development Officer

Alan Ravizza - Chief Sales Officer & Managing Director USA Division, Area Sales Manager United States, Japan, South Korea

Omar Sacchet - Area Sales Manager Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain

Patrick Fumagalli - Area Sales Manager Germany (ZIP 2....-7....)

Zuzana Pronayova - Area Sales Manager Austria, Germany (ZIP 0..../1..../8..../9....)

Dave Boylan - Area Sales Manager Ireland, UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Igor Lotocky - Area Sales Manager Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Finland, Russia

Faisal Syed - Sales Representative India

He (Brian) Peng - Area Sales Manager China, Taiwan, Singapore

Our Sales Support Team


Alexandra Frei
Sales Assistant

Loran Jusufi
Sales Assistant

Manuela Rhyner
Sales Assistant 


Melisa Kayar
Sales Assistant

Michaela Grob
Team Leader Sales 

Our R&D Team

Dr. Florian Krogmann
Head of R&D, Team Leader Temperature

Dr. Christoph Hepp
Team Leader Flow

Dr. Julia Rebholz
Team Leader Humidity

Dr. Diego Reyes
Team Leader Conductivity & Bio

Fredy Klammsteiner
Customer Solutions Manager

Our Administration Team

Dr. Alena Polakova
Head of Quality Management


Christian Dellenbach
Head of Purchasing

Kristin Hofedank
Head of Human Resources

       Caroline Kooijmans
Team Leader Marketing