Our Team

In case of any questions, please contact the responsible Area Sales Manager for your region.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Jiri Polak - Chief Sales Officer

Nikolaus Petzold - Head of Sales

Omar Sacchet - Area Sales Manager Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain

Patrick Fumagalli - Area Sales Manager Germany (ZIP 2....-7....)

Zuzana Pronayova - Area Sales Manager Austria, Germany (ZIP 0..../1..../8..../9....)

Dave Boylan - Area Sales Manager Ireland, UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Igor Lotocky - Area Sales Manager Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Finland, Russia

Alan Ravizza - Managing Director USA Division, Area Sales Manager United States, Japan, South Korea

Faisal Syed - Sales Representative India

He (Brian) Peng - Area Sales Manager China, Taiwan, Singapore

Our Sales Support Team


Alexandra Frei
Sales Assistant

Daniela Weber
Sales Assistant

Valeria Heierli
Sales Assistant


Alessia Ceschiat
Sales Assistant


Our R&D Team

Dr. Florian Krogmann
Head of R&D, Team Leader Temperature

Dr. Christoph Hepp
Team Leader Flow

Dr. Julia Rebholz
Team Leader Humidity

Dr. Diego Reyes
Team Leader Conductivity & Bio

Fredy Klammsteiner
Customer Solutions Manager

Our Administration Team

Tine Kortegaard
Head of Marketing & Org. Development

Ramona Zahner
Team Leader Human Resources

Dr. Alena Polakova
Head of Quality Management

Hans Spielhofer
Head of Purchasing