Management Team


"Working in a customized and modern environment brings out the best in our competent team, reflected in the quality and service we proudly deliver."

Works at IST AG since: 2009
Title: Dr. Dipl.-Phys.
Professional experience: COO Innovative IST AG (12 years), Technology development at Motorola, USA
(2 years) and Infineon / Qimonda, Germany (10 years)
Hobbies: Rock climbing, skiing, sailing



"It's a pleasure to regularly realize and implement projects successfully with this motivated, young and dynamic team of IST AG. The collaboration across different divisions is uncomplicated and pragmatic. Flexible and committed employees are our key to success, on whom we thankfully rely on."

Works at IST AG since:     2012
Title: Business Economist (UAS)
Professional experience:

Project Manager Consulting, Switzerland (3 years),
Head of Finance & Administration in various small and medium-sized businesses, Switzerland (21 years),
Site Manager at Oerlikon Textile Components, Switzerland (4 years)

Hobbies: Winegrowing, endurance sports, alternative energies



"One of the formulas for success of IST AG is that we face customer challenges head on. We work collaboratively as partners with our customers because we know their success is our success."

Works at IST AG since: Foundation of IST AG, 1991
Title: Dr. rer. nat.
Professional experience:

R&D engineer at Tesla Semiconductor Devices, Czech Republic (2 years),
R&D project group leader at Tesla Semiconductor Devices, Czech Republic
(4 years),

R&D manager at IST AG (23 years)

Hobbies: Music, singing, skiing, hiking



"We concentrate on the customers' needs. We don't insist on our existing solutions, but we utilize the entire range of feasible technical options."

Works at IST AG since:     2007
Title: Dr. Ing.
Professional experience:

Doctorate at University Freiburg, Germany (IMTEK),
Sensor Technologist at IST AG, Switzerland (3 years)

Hobbies: Jogging, mountain biking, photography


"We understand that our sensors are key components that contribute to a safe and advanced functionality of our clients products. We strive to be your number one choice as a dependable supplier and partner for physical, chemical and biological sensors."

Works at IST AG since: 2006
Title: Dipl.-Ing. FH
Professional experience:

R&D at IST AG, Flow Sensor design and development
Team Leader and Production Engineer at IST AG, PEPVD Sputtering
Area Sales Manager at IST AG, Asia, (Pacific Rim, Japan), UK, Scandinavia
Managing Director, USA Division at IST AG

Hobbies: Piano, guitar, languages, hiking



"The satisfaction of our customers and the product quality are our greatest goals. We achieve these thanks to our qualified and committed employees, who can offer our customers the right solution for their applications."

Works at IST AG since: 2005
Title: M.Sc.
Professional experience:

Development engineer humidity sensors at IST AG (12 years)
Operational responsibility for major projects (4 years)


Cycling, jogging, cross-country skiing, singing