Peristaltic Micropumps

The peristaltic micropumps warrant small flow rates for various liquids and gases in applications. Their small footprint enables their direct integration in any fluid system. Since the pumped fluid is in the pump and only in contact with a medical grade silicon tube, the CPP1 microfluidic pumps keep the biocompatibility of the fluid system.

There are two evaluation kits available to control either 2 or 4 pumps simultaneously. They work plug and play with computers with Windows 10 software. Part of the evaluation kit is an Open Source software.

Benefits & Characteristics:

  • Stable and reproducible pumping of various fluids and gases
  • Only medical grade leak free silicone tubing in contact with the media
  • Bidirectional pumping with pump rates from 150 nl – 1600 µl/min. (depending on pump type)
  • Miniaturized form factor enabling the integration into arrays and microfluidic devices
  • More than 1000 operating hours at 50 µl/min (depending on pump type)
  • Separation of the inlet/outlet for pressures up to 2 bar

For more detailed information please download our datasheets on the right.

Disclaimer: Evaluation product for professionals to be used solely for research and development purposes! Not for medical and diagnostic use. Not to be used on humans. For more information contact IST AG.